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Web Site Statistics

What program do you use for displaying statistics?
We use LiveStats to analyze and present the data on your site.

What are stats?
Statistics show how often your site was visited, what pages were visited most and least, which were the primary entrance and exit sites. Check out our sample stats for full details of what is available.  It also shows you which links are inactive, which pages are orphaned and what error messages visitors encountered.

How do I access my stats?
Once your statistics are set up you direct your web browser to, where is the actual name of your domain and login to the stats server to view the activity of your web site.  You just need your regular browser and there is no additional software to purchase or install. We provider you with a server id, user id and password to log-in to view your stats.

Where does the information come from?
Our web servers keep detailed logs of each time your site is visited, by whom and what pages they visited.

How often are my stats updated?
Stats are updated every hour.

Can I password protect my stats?
Yes, your stats are automatically password protected.

What if I want to see everything my website has ever done? (cumulative stats)
Once your statistics are activate, the LiveStats server keeps a log of all activity to your web site. As time goes on, your can view your stats history and compare traffic over days, weeks, months and years.